Ali Faradji

About me

The love of programming, the passion of coding and the intellectually distinct ideas in coding automatically led me towards system development. I code according to the requirements and always deliver quality work on time.

I ensure that the solution provided is up to the global standards. I have solid understanding of and keep up to date on the latest on Java and have excellent debugging, problem solving skills that ensure the quality. I understand the importance of quality in business, organization, venture and design the service required according to the patterns required by you. I examine your current and future state in order to understand what will motivate your customers and employees further. I care about the success of your business and you can expect my devotion and for me to provide first-rate services. I am a solutions oriented IT professional who has widespread experience and I enjoy contributing to the community in the form of open source.

  • Fullstack developer
  • Front-end development
  • Back-end development
  • Responsive
  • On-time Delivery
  • Optimization
  • Penetration Test
  • Comprehensive testing

WHO am I?

I am an intermediate level Full-Stack Developer who found my true passion programming. From an early age, I've had to use a lot of awkward and counter-intuitive software. This made me curious as to why these programs operated the way they do, I started researching and teaching myself how to code. Almost immediately, I knew this is what I wanted to do for the rest of my life! The combination of creative and logical problem solving skills I get to use when writing code makes me happy and puts a smile on my face every morning. And I also get to keep developing with each language as they keep growing, which I love since that means there’s always more to learn! I am also persistent, easy to co-operate with and positive guy who aims for quality since that always pays off at the end.


Ali is a very calm and reasonable person, easy to get along with and very knowledgeable. We have worked together on several Java projects in school and he is unable to give up before he has found a solution to problems that come up. I would love to work with Ali again in the future and highly recommend him for his skills, work ethics and personality!

Louise Ahokas

I had the privilege of working with Ali Faradji in a team for about 3 months at PurpleScout Ab . Ali is proactive, result oriented, responsible and technically sound employee and he is always ready to put all his energy and time to get the job done. He has an exceptional skill in node.js server framework. Ambitious person with boundless energy, that's Ali! Has strong organizational skills.

Befkadu Degefa

I had the pleasure to coach Ali for about a year and i have never met anyone who has the same work ethic and commitment as him. He always put a lot of effort into everything he does with a smile on his face. When others stop Ali keeps on going.

Karl Reftel

I’ve been working with Ali in a project, he´s a true asset and resource for any group, from the very beginning of the project till the end, Ali proved to be open minded, creative with out of the box ideas and of an objective mind, which came handy many times in order to maintain focus at the project. As for the role that Ali played in the project id say that he’s an excellent Team player that could work as well, in a support role or as a team leader if given the chance.

Roberto Andres Fernandez

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